This page lists a sample of the different projects I have worked on throughout my career. I've tried to include screenshots of as many project as I can. Some of the screenshots have been taken using the Wayback Machine and are therefore missing images and styles.

Volunteer Projects

NJDOTNET - Central New Jersey .NET User Group

NJDOTNET is a .NET focused user group locate in Central New Jersey. The group uses several different services to help manage meeting and communication with members, including Eventbrite and MailChimp. I created a simple site which uses jQuery to poll a thin web service which proxies JSON API calls to the Eventbrite API in order to diaplay event data. The site also uses the MailChimp API to allow visitors to register for the NJDOTNET mailing list.

STLNET.ORG - St. Louis .NET User Group

STLNET was one of the first .NET focused user groups in the US. As a co-founder I created several versions of the group website, including the current version which is based on DotNetNuke.

Professional Projects

Avon Mark LMS

The Avon Mark website is an e-learning site which allows sales representatives for the Avon .mark brand to receive online training and complete online exams. I was a member of the development team of this site and participated in the development of different sections of the application.

The site is based on ASP.NET and SQL Server with Flash used to deliver the interactive training content. A primative AJAX implementation using XMLHttpRequest was built to facilitate communication between the Flash modules and the sites backend, allowing users to bookmark and return to training module, as well as generate module completion reports.

A custom exam module written in ASP.NET stored and rendered exam questions and answers, and tracked student responses.

St. Louis Area Boy Scouts

The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America chose Microsoft CRM as the basis for their website. Beyond a basic revamp of their website, the organization had a requirement for a CMS that would allow leaders from different districts in their council to create and update content within district specific sections of their website. I participated on a consulting team which created custom MS CRM modules which displayed and allow the editing of site content, created custom navigation controls use by the site and the integrated the third party MS CMS search tool MondoSearch.

OMD Corporation

OMD Corporation (later acquired by ECi) creates management software for the office equipment industry. Their original software was based on Microfocus COBOL, and the company has a desire to begin extending their existing application using a .NET Windows Forms based platform, with the goal of eventually replacing all parts. I worked as part of a consulting team to develop proof-of-concept and core architecture designs to determine the feasibility of integrating with the existing application. This included creating proof-of-concept applications demonstrating how to launch and manage .NET windows from the the original application, and perform communication and data transport operations between .NET modules and the original application and C-ISAM data files.

Ameristar Casinos

I worked with a SQL DBA to develop a simple employee attendance application, which calculated employee time off including payed, unpaid and FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) time.

MDI Technologies

MDI Technologies (later aquired by Logibec Groupe Informatique Ltd) provides eldercare management software. Their original software was an Access-based database forms application which the company offers as both onsite installation and via Citrix-based managed access. They wanted to convert their application to a managed .NET Windows Forms smart client. I worked on implementing several screens as part of a proof-of-concept application, including implementing an in-application reporting solution using third party report design and render controls.


A regional architecture firm that desired a new, modern website. I worked with a graphic designer to create a new website using ASP. While primarily static, the site did include a small members section which required users to log in.

American Optometric Association

The American Optimetric Association (AOA) desired a new, modern website. I worked with a graphic designer to implement a new website using ASP. The site was primarily static content, but did include a small members section which required users to log in.

Ronald McDonald House - St. Louis Chapter

Worked on the development team which implemented a new ASP based website for a local St. Louis area Ronald McDonald House.

Noble Associates / Tyson

Tyson commissioned Noble Associates to create a website that would allow restaurateurs who purchased Tyson products to generate free customized marketing collateral. Using Flash and ASP, I created a website that allowed users to view a set of predefined marketing collateral.  Through the Flash interface, users could customize the text of areas of the collateral in a WYSIWYG fashion.  Once complete, the Flash content was converted into high resolution PDF files which were emailed for print to a Kinkos location specified by the user.

Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau desired a new, modern website. I worked with a graphic designer to implement a new website using ASP.